Khana Khazana (饗印印度料理) opened its doors in Taipei in December of 2012.
Conveniently located within walking distance from Taipei City Hall, world famous sky
scrapper Taipei 101 and from most of major shopping centers as well as big offices,
Khana Khazana quickly became a well known place to meet up and enjoy excellent
Indian cuisine. Life on the side of this part of Xinyi District’s (信義區) Keelung Road
was dull, revolving around a few undistinguished food stands, motorcycle repair shops
and a convenience store, but with the arrival of Khana Khazana Indian Restaurant it
became one of the well known location for the authentic and fine Indian dining
experience among the local and foreign food lovers. Owner is always flanked by his
two Indian chefs who ensure that all the preparation of food and cooking is as authentic
Indian as possible.